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Sports Challenge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded and led by Jim Stump that offers a relational mentoring program for student-athletes. We are dedicating our lives to developing these athletes into future leaders by assisting them with beginning and growing a personal relationship with Jesus and applying His principles in their lives. 


To encourage, educate, and equip student-athletes to be devoted followers of Jesus and to realize their full spiritual potential.


About Jim Stump


Jim Stump has been involved in sports ministry for the past 5+ decades after graduating from Wheaton College (Illinois) in 1966. He began his career as the European Director of Athletes in Action, setting up their program with the European Olympic Committees for two years. Upon his return to America, he was invited by two Stanford football players to come to Palo Alto to help their teammates and them grow their faith. As a direct result, he became the campus director of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) at Stanford University, and served in that capacity from 1970 – 1974, when he left Cru/AIA to focus his attention on the one-on-one mentoring of athletes by founding Sports Challenge. He served in the role of spiritual life coach under 13 consecutive head coaches and six athletic directors, and he also spent time as the chaplain to the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco Giants. Jim is often asked to speak to a variety of audiences including college and professional sports teams, churches, business professionals, Christian colleges and high schools, seminaries, and retreats. 

After 45 years of meeting with 30 – 35 men each week one-on-one on an ongoing basis, mentoring them through those crucial years, Jim moved Sports Challenge to the Dallas, Texas area in January of 2015 to be closer to his children and grandchildren. There, Jim is continuing his exciting, transformational ministry on the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU) where he is mentoring coaches and athletes. Jim is also giving his time to see the unique Sports Challenge model expanded to key college campuses around the United States. 


Current Focus

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Southern Methodist University

Jim has recently taken his unique one-on-one relational mentoring model that proved so transformational at Stanford to the campus of SMU. There Jim has been welcomed with open arms by the coaches, athletes and administration. Jim now spends his days providing mentoring to athletes and coaches, answering questions, helping them find a personal relationship with Jesus if they are interested and then guiding them forward as they endeavor to walk with Him. 

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Future Vision


As the success of the Sports Challenge mentoring model has gained notoriety for it’s positive impact on athletes and coaches alike, interest has arisen to expand this model to other key college campuses around the United States. Jim will be helping to spearhead the process of expanding the model to ensure that as many college athletes as possible will have a relational mentor available to help guide them in their walk with Jesus during these formative years of their lives. 


The Power of

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The Power of One-on-One - Jim's Book


When Jesus walked the earth, he focused his energies not on filling stadiums but on twelve handpicked disciples whom he mentored and equipped to carry out ministries of their own. For over forty years, Jim Stump could often be found sitting in a café on the Stanford University campus, chatting with some of the most talented athletes in the world, getting to know them, walking with them, sharing his life with them, and loving them. He understands that the best way to have an eternal impact on the world is to develop deep and meaningful relationships with a handful of people. 

With engaging personal stories and examples from the life of Jesus, Jim Stump shows you how to develop rich mentoring relationships with the people in your life, providing simple steps toward sharing faith and life with those you care about. Inspirational, encouraging, and practical, The Power of One-on-One will increase your impact on God's kingdom in surprisingly simple ways. 


Endorsers of Jim Stump


Josh McDowell

author and conference speaker

“Jim Stump has been practicing for years what many desire to do. Learn from the one who mastered Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples.”



Randy Alcorn

author and conference speaker

“Jim Stump is the real deal. I love who he is and what he does. I appreciate how Jim models loving people and investing in them.”



Kyle Rote, Jr. 

major league soccer star; superstars winner

“I first met Jim during my pro sports career in the early 1970’s, and now, more than 40 years later, I continue to be amazed at the joyous, unselfish focus he has on being a spiritual friend to those in search of the Savior.”



Joe Gibbs

superbowl winning coach; nascar team owner

“If you are looking for a definition of ‘faithful, committed, self-less service’, that would be Jim Stump!”



John Ortberg

pastor and author

“Jim understands the sheer spiritual power of one life intersecting with another in an intentional, Spirit-filled way. He has probably pulled together more “gatherings of two” than just about anybody I know.”


Invest In Sports Challenge


Your investment in the ministry of Sports Challenge will assist us in mentoring the next generation of our nation’s influencers and leaders. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, charitable giving to Sports Challenge is tax-deductible and we will provide receipts for donations. Thank you for your generosity.




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